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  • Impress people at the cafe with a cool hacker screensaver

    Make a cool video play fullscreen in your absence from the computer to look like a hacker. Okay, that sounds lame, doesn’t it? Still, it can impress a couple of people at the café, or at least give them something to look at while you are grabbing another bun or coffee refill (again). Setting up […]

  • Hvorfor Wargames fra 1983 er en av mine topp fem favorittfilmer

    Kona var ute og jeg benyttet anledning til å se en av mine favorittfilmer, Wargames fra 1983. Det er nok flere ting med den filmen som jeg liker, men for å nevne noen, så er det at det hele foregår på 80-tallet. Jeg er selv fra det tiåret, men var nok kanskje noen år yngre […]

  • How to create those evil hacker virus voices from the 90s

    Remember those old hacker films from the 80-90s? I do. There is especially one that comes to mind and that is “Hackers” from 1995. Jonny Lee Miller from the ongoing Netflix hit Elementary is of the two lead characters. The other one is Angelina Jolie. If you haven’t seen it, you can here.  In this […]