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  • I built an 80s arcade machine cabinet from scratch

    Arcades are not something you see much of anymore. If you happen to come across one, it might be at a fair or in an abandoned state like this: It makes me really sad to see these machines like this. I believe these gaming machines represent the 80s and 90s at its best. Now that […]

  • Play the 90s game JONES IN THE FAST LANE on Linux

    JONES IN THE FAST LANE, a hit from Sierra released in 1991 for MS-DOS where you are to get enrolled in school, pay rent and buy material necessities. This game has some personal history as a friend and I installed it onto computers in our classroom at high school. We were granted access to the […]

  • Space game sparking the creation of Unix

    Space Travel is an early video game developed by Ken Thompson in 1969 that simulates travel in the solar system. The player flies their ship around a two-dimensional scale model of the solar system with no objectives other than to attempt to land on various planets and moons. The player can move and turn the […]

  • Learn to navigate the linux command line with Terminus – the game

    Terminus is what you think it is, a game with a purpose of teaching you to use the command line in linux or unix. The command line is the advanced interface that allows you to do a whole lot of work without the need for graphical interface widgets, like windows, buttons and the like. Lots […]