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  • Stunning pictures of Vladivostok, Russia

    I have never travelled to Vladivostok, far east in Russia, but I did have a look-see through the orbiting #Sentinel2 satellite. Simply stunning!

  • Mongolia from above

    Navigating through the enormous data sets from the Copernicus programme, I wanted to focus on Mongolia this time. Here are some beauties I came across.

  • Eyes in the sky

    Just watched the Antitrust movie from the 90s, which perhaps was on the verge before web 2.0 became a reality. Prior to web 2.0, Internet was slow and it would take ages just to download a media file like a mp3-file using Napster or the like. Video streaming was simply not arrived, the technology wasn’t […]

  • A view at Russian water flow in modified natural colors

    Using the following settings to enhance the difference in the water in Sentinel Hub’s Playground tool, I grabbed some satellite images of Russian water flowing into the seas. Band: Natural color Atmospheric correction: on Gain: 4.3 Gamma: 0.4 Date: 12–07–2017 The results is so pleasing and delightful to look at. Here are some more examples […]

  • A look-see at some fields of Brazil

    One thing is for sure, looking at the world through the eyes of a satellite gives us an opportunity to discover new land. Especially new in the sense of not known personally about it before. Parts of the joy in these discoveries is to look closer into an area, find out more about the place, […]