OPUS – An emotional space adventure game you will never forget

Help the little robot, Emeth, to fulfill a century-old promise by finding Earth in order to save Mankind. Step into the spaceship, operate a deep space telescope, and find out what’s out there in a boundless, unexplored galaxy. Dive into the boundless galaxy and embark on an emotional adventure!

This is the description form the developer and it sure does keep its promise.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth is more like a role-playing game, where you are acting out a prepared story, than a typical game. It really is an emotional story and I could not help feel width little Emeth, the robot.

Make sure you wear a headset as that will improve the gameplay experience greatly, kind of like Alto’s adventure, the downhill indie game, which I also enjoyed very much.

Not a free game, but worth it

When you install the game, you only get to play parts of the full length and to complete the story, you will have to pay a little, which is nothing compared to what you otherwise would spend on other stuff. I normally don’t pay for mobile games, but this time I did so and at the end of the game, you will get a free coupon to give away.

Install the game from Play Store.