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  • An unknown device in my home network were doing something odd

    I recently installed a new internet router at home to improve the wireless coverage and give me the option to set custom family friendly name servers for all connected devices [1]. While making sure the wireless network setup was the same way as the previous router, I noticed a few unknown devices in the DHCP […]

  • Discovering the beauty of Unix operating systems

    Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

    I have a confession to make: I follow nerdy news articles and comments on Hacker News. There, I have said it. Once I came across a beautiful description someone wrote on how he/she came to discover the unix operating system. I can relate to this, both the discovery and the feeling. Read on: Working in […]

  • A few Raspberry Pi tricks when using it in a digital signage or exhibition installation

    Having worked with and used Raspberry Pi for a few different use cases, I have learned a few smart configurations to make them extra useful as digital signage installations or backstage computers in professional exhibitions at work. Here are three such use cases. Make the Pi automatically open a webpage in kiosk mode after booting […]

  • Make a backup of a raspberry pi installation remotely using ssh and dd

    At work we have a learning and experience centre that have a few exhibitions on display. Some of these are set up using raspberry pi microcomputers. They are actuelly very handy for that purpose, exspecially if you use the two-cell micro sd cards instead of the regular ones. The advantage is that they can run […]

  • Move a raspberry pi installation to a bigger micro sd card

    Have you ended up with a too small sd card on your raspberry pi? I did. I wish I had used a 32GB instead of a 8GB card. I’ve only got 500MB left, which reminds me that this was the total har drive capacity I had on my 80386 computer when I was 14 years […]

  • Navigating OpenStreetMap in the command line terminal is just beautiful

    I have previously written about How to create those evil hacker virus voices from the 90s and how to Generate beautiful background sci-fi space noise in linux command line. Recently I discovered a telnet connection to OpenStreetMap in the terminal, just using keys ⌨️ to navigate and zoom. So, open your terminal and run the […]

  • Type the Vulcan salute anywhere in Linux

    Type the Vulcan salute (made famous by Spock) anywhere in Linux like this: ctrl + shift + u followed by 1f596 + spacebar 🖖 (or any unicode symbol) 🚀 1f680 is cool too 😉 For those in Microsoft Windows, there is hope. Only some programs like outlook and word are supported, but not browsers. I […]